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F1-LP + EXH-6

- Recording media: microSD/microSDHC cards (Class 4 or higher, up to 32 GB)
- Recording formats: WAV 44.1 kHz/16-bit, 48 kHz/16-bit, 48 kHz/24-bit, 96 kHz/24-bit; MP3 48 kbps, 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, 320 kbps Mono/stereo ID3v1 tags supported
- Display: 1.25" monochrome LCD
- MIC IN : ZOOM mic capsule input
- MIC/LINE IN: Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini (with screw lock) Supports plug-in power (2.5 V); Input gain: −12 dB – +36 dB
Input impedance: 2 kΩ or more
- Lavalier mic : Plug: 3.5 mm stereo mini (with screw lock); Directionality: Omnidirectional, Sensitivity: -32 dB/1 Pa at 1kHz Maximum sound pressure input: 115 dB spl, Cable length: 160 cm
- PHONE OUT : Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini (with screw lock) Maximum output level: 11 mW + 11 mW (into 32 Ω load)
- USB: microUSB, Mass storage operation: USB 2.0 High Speed, Audio interface operation: USB class compliant
44.1kHz/16-bit, 48kHz/16-bit, 2-in/2-out, Transfer method: asynchronous
- POWER: 2 AAA batteries (alkaline, NiMH or lithium), AC adapter (ZOOM AD-17): DC 5V/1A
- Recording time using batteries: Lavalier mic (48 kHz/24-bit, mono, plug-in power on), Alkaline batteries: about 10 hours NiMH batteries 750 mAh): about 9 hours, Lithium batteries: about 16 hours

If you need more inputs, simply plug in the optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule. It allows you to connect two additional discrete signals from external microphones, instruments, mixers, or portable music players, turning the H5 into a four-input recorder and making the H6 the smallest six-input recorder on the planet!


Zoom F1-LP + EXH-6

9,00 € 9,00 € 9.0 EUR

Prezzo per giorno, IVA esclusa


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