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SliderPLUS X Long

Slider+Slide Module

• Delivers twice the amount of camera travel compared to regular sliders at its size.
• 3 feet (90cm) camera travel on tripod. (1.5 feet (45 cm) when used on ground)
• 40 lb (18 kg) carrying capacity (on ground)
• 20 lb (9 kg) carrying capacity (on tripod)
• 25 in (63 cm) actual body length
• 4 lb (1.8 kg) actual body weight
• Can be operated manually (Add Steady Module)
• Can be motorized (Add Slide Module)
• 100% CNC machined aluminum body

Slide module
• Gives SliderPLUS automated sliding motion
• Ultra quiet operation
• Ultra precise backlash-free operation
• Controlled from a smartphone via bluetooth
• Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses
• Can pair and work with HeadONE or HeadPLUS/HeadPLUS PRO
• Works with all SliderPLUS models purchased from Jan 2016
• Works only horizontally (not designed for inclined shots)
• Allows manual sliding without affecting the motors.
• Works with 2x Canon LP-E6 or 2x NP-F batteries
• Can also be powered via AC-DC adapter
• 100% CNC machined aluminum body
• Battery Brackets not included.


Edelkrone SliderPLUS X Long

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Slider+slide module