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Spot Daylight 800

Daylight 800 are new concept Fresnel fixtures with discharge lamp and integrated power supply.

Daylight 800 fixtures are characterized by a very high color rendering and they are available in daylight or tungsten color temperature.

The Fresnel lens mechanism allow to change the emitted light beam width from spot to flood to adapt to the different shooting needs.

They are very lightweight and they have very low consumption.

Daylight 800 fixtures are very versatile and can be suitable for use in video and TV studios or for outdoor usage (interviews, production etc.).

Technical data:
- Low Power Consumption: 150W
- High Efficiency: Equivalent to 800W
- Lamp Included: 5400°K or 3200°K
- Yoke Included
- Fresnel Lens: 150 mm
- Weight: only 2,5 kg
- Dimensions: 210x260x230 mm
- Barndoors: 4 rotating included
- Flicker Free
- Lamp Life: 12000 Hrs


Lupo Spot Daylight 800

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